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...The story of a Big, a Little, and Their Quest of Awesome ...

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Here is the pin box!  It has a cushion for the pin .  It has important family and sorority figures.  So excited for her to become initiated and use it!

Day Five- Afternoon Before Reveal

Today’s basket was sent to your from your G-bigs.  They are so excited to have you.  I also included a pin box for when you are initiated later in the semester.  Tonight is going to be so much fun and I will be sure to take a million photos.  Until then, enjoy the serenade and prepare for reveal!

Day Four

Dearest Little,

I hope that you enjoyed the Harlem Shake brought to you by two lucky guys.  I got stuck in traffic and some of our dancers were having difficulties, but our Iron Man and Halo dancer hopefully made up for it.  Today was a general Pi Phi theme, with things to draw out your thoughts or pin things up.  Tomorrow is the big day!  This week has been a great combination of stress and laughter.  I hope tomorrow makes it all worth while.  


Your Big

This is a beautiful tardis/disney based door hanger.  I added lots of rhinestones, because everyone needs a little sparkle in their life.

This is the Pi Phi Crest embroidered onto a canvas.  It took a while.  It is in some beautiful bright colors to accentuate the crest.

Day Three

Dearest Little,

I hope you enjoyed your Doctor Who/Disney themed decorations.  The balloons each list something I love about you.  I made three canvases and a doctor who themed frame.  The small paddle on the wall is a Nemo theme on one side and a princess on the other.  Also the little box on the side of the bed when lifted to the light has a very familiar crack in the wall shape.  Your decorative wine glass is also a Nemo theme.  There is an extra surprise included, but I wont reveal it yet.

<3 Your Big

Phi Delta Theta singing to my lovely little.  Serenade away boys.

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